In its first beginnings, the Company started with the selling of frozen products mainly ice creams. That’s where company takes its name- ROYAL shpk, Mit’hat Harizaj (Gelati Royal Lecce). The base of the activity was the bars and the restaurants. The markets and the wholesale points did not exist yet, due to the low economic development of the country. For this reason the two main product that were sold were the ice cream and the coffee.

With the increase of the economic development of the country, searching for a economic activity that fits the time, the company expanded the base of its products to include also the ristoration of restaurants and serving at a later time as a whole sale point.

In 1993, the company had established its base in Tirane and had a covered warehouse of 300m², no refrigerating room and few vehicles (lorries, refrigerators, coffee machines etc). The staff was made up of only family members.

Nowadays, the company has 24 staff, 14 refrigerating lories of –35ºC, “fiorino” and “daily” machinery types, two trailers with about 1500 stands and refrigerator showcases and 9 coffee machineries. The warehouse covers a surface of 1600m² with refrigerating rooms of 900-m3 and office space of 270m².  The total surface is 7000m², and its is also used for parking and maneuvering of the transport vehicles and machinery.

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